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The Best 18 Male Pornstars in Porn of 2022! [Free Videos]

Frequently, we forget the real MVPs who work diligently to ensure that we fans are provided quality adult entertainment all the time. We’re talking about male adult performers. While our eyes always zero in on girls with curvy bodies, huge titties, plump booties, and juicy pussies, we believe it’s high time to pay our respects to their partners. Here are the best 18 male pornstars in porn of 2022. Check out who made it into the list by continuing to read below! If you can’t control yourself, check out these sites below.

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The Top 18 Hottest Male Pornstars in Porn of 2022 (How We Judge)

Determining the hottest pornstars on this list was no easy task for the Porn Inquirer Team. We chose the best-looking male porn stars with great-looking bodies, well-endowed manhood, and the most important criteria of all, capable performers on-scene with great chemistry with their partners. In our book, these men—both newcomers and veterans—are just some of the best male adult performers who wowed us this year. Enjoy!

18. Eddie Jaye

male pornstar eddie jaye fucking her partner while pulling her head in doggy style position

With over 34.4 million views and 26,300 subscribers on PornHub, Eddie Jaye is one of the most well-endowed models on this list. While he’s on the shorter side than his towering contemporaries, he makes up for his 9-inch cock.

The Las Vegas native enjoys nipple licking and has fucked many asses and pussies you can imagine. Eddie has been featured in numerous studios and continuously collaborates with fellow porn actors in many scenes. His defining feature, apart from his meaty schlong, is his ornate tattoos. Once you see those bared in any scene, you’ll know it’s our friend, Eddie.

17. Johnny Sins

best male porn star johnny sins is having sex with a nude woman on top of a table

Another familiar name in the adult industry is Johnny Sins, who has appeared in numerous scenes. You probably have come across him in all your searches on most porn sites. That’s because he started his career in 2015 and has been pounding many female porn stars since then. His iconic shaved head is easily recognizable in every scene, along with his chiseled muscles and enormous cock. We like the energy he brings in every scene and the good rapport he has with his partners.

16. Jordi El Nino Polla

best male pornstar jordi el nino polla is fucking from behind a woman in doggy style position on top of a white colored sofa

Don’t let this dark-haired hombre’s looks fool you. He may not look much with his wiry frame, but he can fuck with force comparable with his 6-feet beefy contemporaries. Ranking 29th on Pornhub, Jordi has raked in 641 million video views with a steady following of nearly 300,000 fans.

The Spanish porn star was nominated for Best Male Newcomer at the AVN Awards and New Stud of the Year at the XRCO Awards in 2017. Make no mistake here—he’s the real deal!

15. Owen Gray

best male pornstar owen gray is on top of a woman and enjoying fucking her

The San Francisco native first ventured into porn in 2012 and has been fucking countless pussies ever since. You’ll easily know it’s Owen once you see his full-body tattoos as he forcefully grinds his partner from behind. Standing at 6 feet, Owen has participated in group sex and has tickled our fancy with many roles featuring different stories. His rock star looks and passionate performance makes him worthy of a spot on our list.

14. James Deen

best male porn star james deen is fucking in the ass a woman while kissing her in an anal sex scene

The 5’8 Californian, James Deen, comes to mind when you think of male pornstars, all thanks to the breadth of his work spanning nearly two decades. Gaining an early start in porn back in the early 2000s gave this chap some much-needed edge and had been providing us with great content since then. His boyish charms and jumbo-sized cock are his definite trademarks. And while he may not look like your typical macho stud, his almost average looks arguably changed the landscape for male adult performers.

13. Tommy Gunn

best male pornstar tommy gun pulls the hair of a nude woman with a huge tits during a sex scene inside a vehicle

This certified ladies’ man has made his on-screen partners surrender and even forget that they’re actually shooting porn. From the expressions on their faces, you could tell how much they love their pussies getting rammed by this raging bull. Tommy’s signature moves won him awards for his outstanding performances in pleasing women.

12. Jmac

best male pornstar jmac fucks a woman hardly in doggy style position while they are both naked inside a room

His shaved and bald head would make you do a double-take and think it was Johnny Sins, another equally iconic male porn star in our list, but Jmac is certainly on a league of his own. His massive frame and rock-hard cock are definitely a sight to behold. And while you think girls would surrender to defeat when they see his colossal bulge, you’ll actually see them blush and giggle in delight as they ride this Olympian sex god.  

11. Ricky Johnson

best male pornstar ricky johnson fucking abella danger near the stairs in standing position

Starting his porn career in 2016, the former college athlete is definitely eye candy—especially when you see him whip out his 10-inch schlong. Ricky is one of the more recent adult performers that deserve a spot in our best male pornstars list as he delivers in every aspect—whether it’s his well-toned body or the way he gracefully fucks his partner on cam.

10. Johnny Castle

sara jay gets fucked by one of the best male pornstar johnny castle while he is holding her big ass

If you want raw, primitive fucking, Johnny Castle is your man. Currently, on the 589th spot in Pornhub with over 1.2  billion video views, this guy is built for sex. His hulking body, engorged manhood, and dangerously good looks have captured much prey. And like a lion feasting on his catch, he devours them lustfully as he fucks them in many ways possible. 

9. Alex Legend

a woman sucks the cock of best male pornstar alex legend while he is spanking her big ass

Born and raised in the City of Love, young Alex moved to the United States to pursue a promising career in pornography. Standing at a commanding 6 foot 2 with more than 163 million views, the legendary porn star now has his own website featuring various collaborations with many of today’s famous adult performers and even curvy pornstars. The funny thing is he started as a musician but shifted to porn—which we think is a good choice as he shows great chemistry on cam with his partners, most notably Penny Pax, Riley Reid, and Keisha Grey.

8. Sean Lawless

one of the best male pornstar in the adult industry sean lawless stands in front of a woman while naked and letting her suck his cock

One of the most prolific male adult performers on our list, Sean Lawless, has done 300 scenes since he first debuted in 2013. The sex outlaw from Fort Lauderdale has about 21,500 fans on Pornhub eagerly consuming his content. Sean stands at 6’2″ and weighs over 200 lbs—a beast of bone and muscle perfectly built for fuck and pleasure. Make no mistake, Sean is your man, and you’ll enjoy every minute of him on screen.

7. Mick Blue

best male pornstar mick blue fucks a woman while in standing position and holding her legs

Do you think we’d miss out on including industry veterans? Think again. Next on our list is the three-time XRCO Male Performer of the year, the highly-decorated Mick Blue. Hailing from Graz, Austria, Mick later went to LA to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry—a nod to the right direction as he has successfully appeared in many films and won over 50 awards for his excellent performance. Mick is dedicated to pleasuring women as you see him balls-deep plowing girl after girl in every scene Mick appears in. He also has an OnlyFans account to see exclusive OnlyFans nudes and videos for his large fanbase.

6. Jason Luv

best male pornstar Jason Luv drills a woman's pussy using his thick and long cock while they are naked on a couch

Almost on the Magic 500 list is the massive figure of Jason Luv. His commanding physique and height of 6’5″ and 107 kgs may overwhelm his partners. Still, he actually cares for the comfort and pleasure of his partners. He would take on them all—whether they’re busty Latinas, hot Asians, or MILFs.  

5. Xander Corvus

best male pornstar xander corvus pounds the pussy of a naked woman while rubbing her clit on a bed

A self-titled “pornnomancer,” Xander is a heavyweight when it comes to butchering pussy after pussy in his scenes. His mischievous smile and devil may care attitude on-cam is entertaining to watch while making his on-scene partners moan and cry in sheer ecstasy. His natural talent for fucking has won him several awards with AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO, making him a serious contender in our ultimate male pornstar list for 2022.

4. Chad White

best male pornstar chad white eats the pussy of a woman while one of her leg is raised

This bulging stud is a complete sex-machine—ticking everything you want from a guy. Handsome, tall, with a massive boner, what else can you ask for? This Adonis’s sculpted body is not just for looking. These are real muscles that can lift almost anything. His enormous dong has also impaled many female adult performers leaving them weak (but satisfied) after an hour-long fuckfest.

3. Juan “El Caballo” Loco

young juan el caballo loco is treated as one of the best male pornstar is seen here eating the pussy of a blonde woman while another woman is holding her breasts

Literally translated to “Juan the Crazy Cowboy,” the fresh-faced horny lad continues to surprise audiences in scenes involving him and cougars. Don’t let the innocent boy fool you–he’s far from it.

2. Danny D

a woman with a huge tits is riding the dick of best male pornstar danny d

Moving from across the pond is Englishman Danny D, who has been drilling pussies for our pleasure since 2007. The Chatham local is currently ranked at 160 on Pornhub and has a remarkable 716 million video views and 10 million profile views. His huge dick, without a doubt, is his prized asset. You’ll see in the eyes of his partners how much they enjoy getting whacked by his massive meat stick. From group sex to an intimate one-on-one, Danny D pleasures his partners like a proper gentleman–better watch out for his sex cams!

1. Rocco Siffredi

the best male pornstar in the industry rocco siffredi fucks a tattooed woman while they are on a white couch

Last but certainly not least on our top list is the legendary Casanova himself, Signore Rocco Siffredi. The maestro of porn has crafted beautiful films throughout the decades, which earned him a spot in the AVN Hall of Fame. From acting, Rocco has now shifted towards producing and directing porn with an immense fan base worldwide. The Italian Stallion is very active in pleasing girls from all over and giving us a show that we all deserve.

Who’s The Sexiest Male Pornstar?

It’s a unanimous decision for us here that the Italian Stallion, Rocco Siffredi, is the top gun for male pornstars. His irresistible manly charms and god-like body are his weapons, making him a household name in porn. We also respect his career spanning decades—an impressive feat that many male adult performers only dare to dream. He even has his own production company, which helps budding porn stars get their foot in the door in the competitive world of adult entertainment.

Who’s The Newest Male Porn Star?

Admittedly, it was really hard for us to decide who among the newcomers reigned supreme. But in the end, Jordi El Nino Polla is something that we’re definitely eyeing in terms of growth and performance on cam. With just shy of five years into his adult career, we see a promising future in store for Jordi for as long as he plays his cards right.

Check out more of his performances on Pornhub and see for yourself why this guy deserves to be included in the big league of big dicks!

Final Verdict

These 18 studs are definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to creaming pussies on camera and never fails to give us a standing O every time. We are proud of every guy that made it into our list of “The Best 18 Male Pornstars in Porn of 2022,” as they’ve helped create masterpieces for us to enjoy and jerk on.

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