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Top 18 Pornstars with the Best and Hottest Ass of 2022!

First off, let’s go about the basics since our goal is to educate you about people’s fascination with the best and hottest asses of our generation’s leading pornstars. These babes appeal to our more imaginative side, you see. If you have the sort of power and influence that some of the world’s most famous people have, you can probably do things like throw a threesome together on the spur of the moment and play with their bubble butts.

The rest of us, however, aren’t blessed to have that chance, so we enjoy seeing some of the world’s sexiest pornstars being fucked in ways we wish we could. The attraction to the greatest pornstars stems from a mix of entertainment value, overt desire, and the opportunity to watch our dreams come to life on television.

So come and join us as we walk you through 2022’s hottest behinds from some of the hottest women of porn!

The Top 18 Pornstars with the Best and Hottest Ass

We consider the following two main factors as we create our top picks for the hottest and best ass of 2022.

First off, let’s highlight the obvious—butt, ass, bottom, booty, they come in different names, but they mean the same thing. Their ass should shine in every video while in motion. What we’re looking for is a booty that will inspire and make us hard. Is it too much to ask?

The second would be the way they move and use it. While they have a big ass, using it well must come as the following condition to be qualified in this list. They should convey natural expressions and convince us, the viewers, how much we want them and their big behinds. 

18. Sybil Stallone

pornstar Sybil Stallone shaking her ass in sex compilation

With an enormous mountain comparable to the Grand Canyon, it’s a no-brainer to have Sybil on this list—we wouldn’t miss it for the world! You would be crazy not to miss out on her big and beautiful booty. Some of the best male organs have plowed this colossal thing of beauty!

Her ass is best seen from all angles, and if you’re looking for that tight money shot to win the crowd—this is it! You have a winner! She may not be as gorgeous as the ones you’ll see in this list, but boy, does she compensate with the sheer volume of her behind! Hey, we’re not complaining!

17. Alena Croft

pornstar Alena Croft get her ass played with during sex

Alena is just a blonde bombshell dream that deserves a standing ovation – from all the guys in the room. She’s best known for doing threesomes where she plays a domineering wife who takes charge of his man and his cock with his big, bold, and beautiful butt.

With big boobs to match, men from all over the world lust for this fiery vixen, often wishing they would be with her right at this very moment. Are you one of them?

16. Carolina Cortez

hot pornstar Carolina Cortez having ass sex on couch

This fiery Latina is often in the fantasy of any guy and looks like she’s come out of a spicy telenovela. This Mexican chica hides a huge secret, and she’s definitely sitting on it.

Carolina takes pride in raising a cock or two in her mouth, but more so taking it both in her round booty too! If you want to see some heart-pounding anal action, you should see this muy Caliente mama strut her stuff and do what she does best.

15. Demi Lowe

pornstar demi lowe riding a dick and showing her ass during a sex scene

Just like that infamous song, Demi is all bass, no trouble. Her delicious bubble butt is an ass man’s dream. Fun fact: her booty is au naturel and is as bouncy as a ball; you can just grip it and play with it!

It’s not just her ass that’s full of meat. Her plump pussy has become a favorite of her fans! She’s become a fixture in POV porn because of her natural-born gifts.

14. Alexis Texas

pornstar alexis texas holding her ass and shaking it while on a bed

The list would never be complete without seeing the luscious and bouncy booty of Texas-bred Alexis Texas. Ms. Texas has acquired all the necessary skills that make her big bottom shine. From ass-riding, deepthroating to anal, and the classic pussy fucking, this girl has done everything!

Are we tired of seeing her on-screen? Never. She’s gorgeous and is eye candy. Just look at that giant juicy peach! It’s ripe for the picking!

13. Alura Jenson

pornstar alura jenson is on top of a cock while her ass is shaking

The alluring Alura, a blonde vision who defies gravity with her gymnast-like flexibility. She may seem meatier than most porn stars, but boy, does she deliver! Her ample bosom and generous behind are just some of the tricks this pro has under her sleeves.

No meat is too tiny or thick for her big ass—that’s for sure! We love her convincing expression when it comes to pounding time because you can really see that she enjoys taking it all in!

12. Loren Minardi

a man grabs the ass of pornstar loren minardi while he is fucking her pussy

This exotic and olive-skinned vixen is definitely out of this world. While her ass isn’t as big as the ones you’ll see here, she deserves a spot for the way she moves and gyrates and uses her behind. Seeing her on-screen with her partners is always a special treat for us because she has the uncanny ability to make us hard without even doing much.

See her strut her big behind on Brazzers with a battalion of men working up from behind! Trust us, she’s definitely worth your time!

11.  Valentina Nappi

pornstar valentina nappi spreads her ass and shows her hole

Valentina is all that! I mean, Take a look at that round butt. Premature ejaculation is unavoidable. Even without the oil or additional lubrication, it seems to be a work of beauty that should be maintained. Beautiful curves and booty that bends the cock. She’s also nice about it; she acts all cool and even does a fist bump with her fellow porn partners. Talk about a great sport!

10. Ryan Conner

The jewel in the water, the main character, and the star of the show—she’s none other than our dear Ryan Conner. Just looking at her round and juicy bottom makes any man’s pair swollen simply thinking about fucking her in the buttocks. She is not only the queen of round butts but also the princess and the empress!

9. Iggy Amore

pornstar iggy amore twerks her ass

One of the finest butts available, that’s your girl, Iggy! If you want to learn more about her, this all-American beauty began performing porn when she was just 21 years old. Her belly is also pierced, which you can’t easily see when she gets it from behind, giving you another sparkling toy to gaze at as you’re fucking her from the other side.

8. Annika Albrite

pornstar annika albrite is wearing a net lingerie and showing her ass and pussy

Coming in at the eighth spot is a veteran. Annika can do it all: anal, interracial, and, of course, vanilla sex. So, if you have a really specialized taste or specialty, this is the fuck star for you. Have fun fapping. If you look at the video above, you’ll see that the ass is enormous, and it’s not just lots of fucking fat. It’s the pinnacle of winning the butt and ass gene lottery, for sure, and it’s made Anikka one of the luckiest girls of porn to have this gift—in the entire world, if we may add.

7. Kelsi Monroe

pornstar kelsi monroe plays her ass using her hands

Our lucky number seven is definitely a sweetheart with the sweetest caboose. Kelsi is the default choice if you’re searching for someone new and enthusiastic; just look at the way she moves and everything! You know what you have to do now: whip out your little friend and start jerking off! She does the usual suspects: anal and oral, and pussy fucking, and her booty is greater than a million watermelons, as you would imagine.

6. Jada Stevens

pornstar java stevens is shaking her ass while in doggy position

Gorgeous, a vision of sheer beauty, Jada’s ass inspires a vocabulary that would make a wordsmith out of any guy. She bends down as she receives a massive cock from her thick behind is a pure art form. If you’re hungry for a juicy ass, you can snack on this treat—with lots of extra on the side. Tuck in, dinner is served!

5. Ava Rose

pornstar ava rose slowly removes her panty showing her ass while being soaked with water

Do you want to go even bigger? Even the most pampered assoholics should be satisfied with Ava Rose’s ass. It’s big and circular and can captivate you for hours simply by gazing at it. Before you ask, yes, this ain’t a dream—it’s 100% real, and welcome to masturbation paradise. Any guy would dream of shoving their thick girthy cock inside her tight ass hole—100% guaranteed!

4. Bella Bellz

pornstar bella bellz has a bouncing ass while getting an anal sex

Let’s face it, body tats are not everyone’s cup of tea. But surely, you can appreciate the natural beauty of this bouncing bottom as you see it in action—especially when it’s in slow motion! Aww yeah…

Her butt is dick ready and will shimmy on command. So you wouldn’t worry much because she’s gonna do all the work. If you wanna see her more, might we suggest checking Brazzers for the whole experience? Bellissima!

3. Julianna Vega

a guy rubs the ass of pornstar julianna vega with oil

I’ve never seen a pornstar (or anybody in real life) twerk as with a big butt girl just like Julianna. The Latina charmer must have taken decades of precision—not to mention ded-DICK-cation to get to that level. I’m curious who her practice target was and how many cocks she fucked. You may even get a peek at her lovely butthole.

2. Mandy Muse

pornstar mandy muse is washing her car while showing her ass filled with foam soap

Oh, Mandy. This big bootied jewel deserves a podium spot, all thanks, not only to her beauteous behind but the way she handles everything like a pro. Her tattoos might turn off other people, but we’re certainly in the fantasy. She’s definitely a muse that will make your ass-fucking dreams come true!

1.  Lela Star

pornstar lela star rides a huge dick while showing her big ass on a couch with a white and blue stripes color

It wouldn’t be a shocker that this Brazzers superstar reigned supreme in this list. I mean, why not? She has baptized a lot of dicks with her glorious asshole and has definitely made men cum with her talent and gift. And with a new set of big ass implants, we’re sure that Lela will continue to dominate this list for years to come.

Who’s the sexiest pornstar with the best and hottest ass?

After a thorough review of the 18 names on this list, deliberation has been challenging. Still, you, our readers, must hear our professional view. The top spot goes without a doubt to the heavenly Lela Star.

Her big booty is top-notch and unrivaled, deserving the title of having the best and hottest ass.

It is also worth noting that Lela’s sex drive is insatiable. She works well with her partners. What’s better is she doesn’t just rely on her body; she makes it work, which adds an extra sparkle to her already beautiful masterpiece of an ass. Yes, my friends, the crown goes to Lela!

Who’s the newest pornstar with the best and hottest ass?

The newbie performer with the sexiest bottom title falls on the head of none other than Iggy Amore. While younger than most pornstars on the list, she has proven that her goods are definitely worth the hype. She puts her soft and supple ass to good use as guys pound it well when teaming up with the ravenous Iggy. While still young, she has garnered recognition for her performances. She will surely go places with her talents and beautiful body. Only time will tell, and we’re definitely watching out for her!

Final Verdict

So there you have it, folks! Here are our top picks–the 18 pornstars of our generation with the best and hottest ass of 2022! You should also check out the hottest pornstars in a general list if you haven’t yet. You may not agree with our top picks, but one thing’s for certain, you can never go wrong with any of the girls included in this list. You can catch these amazing ladies on the best porn sites and have your fill as you binge on their every video.

These girls definitely will win your heart in every aspect–especially if you’re on the lookout for the most beautiful bottoms on the planet! And while varying in things like their age, specialty, and preferences, these women can surely hit the spot. If you’re feeling naughty, might we suggest you chance upon these 18 girls and even more hot girls in porn Snapchat to see their bubble butts in action, if you want things steamier and more intimate. Check them out now and happy wanking! 

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