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Snapchat leaks are a scenario in which Snapchat photos are unwillingly sent to persons or to the wider internet against the will of the owners of the pictures.

You hear about leaks all the time, especially when high-profile names are involved, and many of these originate with the Snapchat service.

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What Are Snapchat Leaks?

You see, Snapchat allows for the sending of various messages to friends and the public at will. However, the owner of these photos chooses the desired audience before sending them. The pictures are only supposed to be temporary.

This means that after a certain amount of time has elapsed, the picture is removed from both the user’s account and from Snapchat’s servers.

Leaks come up under numerous circumstances, but possibly the most popular is the use of a third-party application such as Snapsaved.

Snapsaved was a service created for those who wanted to retain their pictures for longer than Snapchat’s allotted time limit. Users could select the pictures they wanted to keep, and Snapsaved held them indefinitely.

The problem with this is that it opened a point of failure and a point of access for hackers. Snapsaved was hacked, and the private photos of numerous users were accessed by the hackers who could choose to do whatever they wanted with the photos.

This is just one way in which personal photos can get leaked on Snapchat, which is why the media outlet has worked so hard to get a number of these add-on apps shut down.

Incase You’re Unaware What Snapchat Is

Snapchat can only be described as a social media phenomenon. It’s an application that allows people to connect and share videos, photos, and text with each other.

It may sound like another Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but the way its posting system and interface works is quite unique.

In fact, the way WhatsApp statuses and Facebook stories work now is based on the way Snapchat’s “snaps” have worked for the longest while.

It could be said that the popularity of this feature is the reason for that innovation taking place in so many other applications.

What is the Snappening?

The “Snappening” was an incident that took place in October 2014, where about 200,000 Snapchat photos were released publicly on the internet against the will of the photo owners.

The name is a reference to a similar event that was called the “Fappening,” in which celebrity iCloud accounts were targeted, and their photos were leaked a month before.

Snapchat released a statement almost immediately after the incident occurred to shed some light on the cause of the issue. The social media outlet reported that the reason behind the hack was the use of third-party apps by users to both send and receive snaps.

Snapchat further went on to note that the practice of using those applications is prohibited in the Snapchat terms of service. As the users were in violation of the terms, the liability was not with Snapchat for the hack.

Snapsaved, which was mentioned above, came forward and accepted the responsibility, as a server misconfiguration allowed the hack to happen. Snapsaved then promptly shut down its services to prevent any further damage from being done.

What Are Considered Leaked Nudes?

Leaked nudes follow the same trend that has been discussed until now. While these pictures were obviously willingly taken, a public release is usually not the intention.

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In many cases, the pictures are intended to be kept confined to a user’s device or account, and they may also be sent to one or more desired recipients. It becomes a leak when it is then sent to more persons without consent.

The leaks of Snapchat nudes have been a problem for some time because of occurrences such as the “Snappening.”

Famous Celebrity Leaks

Celebrities are targeted on social media because they make high-profile targets, and they can get the whole internet buzzing. Here are some popular such leaks:

  • Bella Thorne’s topless photos
  • Iggy Azalea’s nudes
  • Miley Cyrus’ nudes
  • Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes
  • Dylan Sprouse’s full-frontal nudes
  • Demi Lovato’s intimate nudes with Wilmer Valderrama

You can check out this video below for further information on the Demi Lovato hack, which also gives insight into the scale of this problem.

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