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Switter | Plus 18 Alternate Escort Sites Like Switter.at


Unforunatly, Switter has officially shut down. So here is information on what Switter was along with alternatives to check out.

Switter is an exhilarating new Twitter alternative that was made by sex workers for sex workers. It is 100% non-profit, and it has no ads or costs at the time of this writing.

After Twitter began banning sex workers’ accounts, they made the decision to create their own website. The concept and design are quite the same as Twitter.

18 Escort Websites Like Switter

Before we dive into our Switter review and the sex work they offer in the sex industry, I want to highlight some of the best Switter alternatives you can consider.  

Ashley Madison

escort with male in bed with ashley madison overlay

Ashley Madison is notorious for its collection of sex workers on its website. The site is popular for its extra-marital affairs, but it is full of women who wish to broaden their horizons.


fuckbook escort site

Are you looking for a community that encourages anonymity? This Switter alternative is just for you. Any user can go for anonymous profiles, discreet payment services, and find like-minded people.

Well Hello

couple in lingerie with wellhello logo overlay

Well Hello is another platform where you can find other sex workers you can’t find in Switter. The social media platform houses amazing women. You can find only the best you can afford on this platform.


homepage of tryst link website

You will find a lot of advertising on Tryst. There are hundreds of escorts that are willing to offer you sex work. Their sex workers are clean, and you will surely come back for more.


homepage of slixa website

Would you like to stay safe while having sex with sex workers? You can do so with Slixa. You can easily connect with many sex workers without thinking about your safety.

The Erotic Review

homepage of the erotic review website

The Erotic Review likes to do things a bit differently. That’s because it doesn’t cater to cheap means. If you wish high quality sex workers other than Switter, go for this service.


homepage of eros.com website

Another good Switter substitute is Eros. They are one of the best online platforms offering hot girls, offering sensual massages, and other types of sex work you cannot imagine.


homepage of bedpage website

Remember when Craigslist personals need to remove sex work from their site due to annoying laws in the US? Bed Page serves as a good alternative. You will find many clients and sex workers there.


homepage of rubmaps website

Remember when Craigslist personals need to remove sex work from their site due to annoying laws in the US? Bed Page serves as a good Switter alternative. You will find many clients and sex workers there.


homepage of doublelist website

Another Switter substitute is DoubleList, where you can access sexual services at an affordable cost. You won’t get banned like you might experience if you other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Adult Search

homepage of adult search website

Access Adult Search to meet many hot babes around the world. Their community is safe, and you will get a dedicated support team if you encounter any sex trafficking problems.


homepage of 2backpage site

The second you boot up the social network, you will be overwhelmed by the hotness of sex workers who wish to have sex with you. All their contact information is laid out bare.

Erotic Monkey

homepage of escort monkey site

Erotic Monkey is a discrete place to meet quality and gorgeous chicks. It also has a forum to discuss different topics and interact with other users.


homepage of harlothub website

This Switter substitute has hot chicks from around the world, but most of it does seem to be from the UK and Australia. The website tries to guide you clear of people who haven’t accessed their profile.

USA Sex Guide

homepage of usasexguide website

For those living in the US, this Switter social media platform alternative is a good option. The reviews on their sex workers are some of the most complete I have ever seen.

TS Escorts

homepage of tsescort website

The profiles you will find in this service are packed with photos. That means it should not be challenging to find someone that tickles your fancy.


homepage of leolist website

Leo List is a service intended for the Canadian market. The service is not intended for escorts, but you will find plenty of them there. Groups of escorts are always on the hunt for clients.


homepage of euro girls escorts website

This site is purely European sex worker. That means Euro Girls Escorts is a good platform to check, especially if you’re going somewhere in Europe for a company meeting or just for money.

Our Switter Review

homepage of switter website

Assembly Four, which is a company based in Australia, creates technology for sex workers. Switter works like every other instance on the social network. However, it is intended for people within the sex community to connect and interact with one another.

Assembly Four can control the data and host the server. Since they are based in Australia, where sex workers are complete and legal, the network is less likely to be intercepted by the authorities.

Honestly, Switter is a good place to find providers of sexual services near me. It shows a lot of promise to be the future of online sex work.

Creating an account is relatively simple. After I made mine, I got access to the listing page. From there, I can easily search for workers and escorts to follow in my area.

Is Switter.at Legit?

Yes, it is. You will find real account users on Switter. You can create a real account and won’t get banned when you start sending nudes to other women. You can like the public posts from other users, control what you want to see, and more.

You see, Switter works like any other social media platform like Twitter. You get access to women online who want to perform sexual services without risking your safety.

What Kind of Escorts Are On Switter?

You will find many types of escorts on the websites. However, one of the most common types is just sex workers. These are people who offer sexual work, either on an occasional or regular basis. Whether you are seeking women who strip and escort someone who shoots porn to have video sex, you can find it there.  

Average Escort Rate on Switter

Normally, an escort at Switter will charge as much as she possibly can for her services. However, there’s still a limit to that. For instance, fat and ugly escort can’t charge as much as beautiful escorts. Many escorts on the social media platform are eager to do fetishes. Those are all-inclusive. Meanwhile, others charge more for extra fetishes.

Was Switter Safe to Use?

Of course. You can always guarantee your safety while using Switter for all Switter work needs you may have. Keep in mind that the website is hosted in Melbourne, Australia, where prostitution is legal. Because of that, the website is much less likely to be taken down anytime soon. While it is good for finding escorts, it is not ideal for finding casual encounters or hookups. For personal alternatives, we suggest checking the list we provided above.

Are There Other Escort Sites?

As mentioned earlier, while Switter is great, any from the list are great free alternative escort sites. Mostly an escort sites, I have used these platforms to find some erotic companies, amongst other things, as a way of discovering somewhere local for me to enjoy a happy ending.

These platforms quite look busy at first, but once you figure out how to navigate the content on the platforms, you will be opening yourself up to a whole variety of erotic and sensual possibilities.

With links to cam and escort services, these platforms have your kinks and fantasies covered and can sometimes show you exactly what is within your city.

Switter Complaints

Switter is just a one-of-a-kind platform, honestly. The hope of Switter is to establish a digital space that is less centralized and better safeguards its members. It is true that every Twitter alternative has been met with particular derision. However, that example demonstrates how the social network space could be ripe for a particular type of disruption that provides more control and freedom to members.

Even though only a tiny percentage of the sex-work community is on Switter social media, it does seem to be attracting steam as more people fear the impacts of the upcoming law from predatory parties.  

Are Adult Dating Sites Comparable?

Escorts sites are good, but the answer is yes, and we recommend Ashley Madison as the safest alternative. Even though not actually a social media to help you find a happy ending, Ashley Madison has made a list as an awesome time that you must be using.

An online dating platform that is focused on helping men and women cheat and have a wonderful time together. Ashley Madison could be a good option for me.

I have personally met women from this website, and we have enjoyed our time together, along with some massages thrown in for good measure. I have also met women who simply want to have a sexual encounter.  

Porn Inquirer’s Final Verdict

Overall, Switter is a good Twitter website, but we recommend Ashley Madison as the safe alternative. There are many active users on Ashley Madison, and inactive accounts are deleted in a timely matter by their team. Also, the high rates of active users, plus the large number of new members coming in each day, guarantees that there is normally someone new to message nearly every day.

It is simple to see when a person is online through the green dot on their profile picture. That suggests they will respond to your private picture requests or messages rather quickly. You can even look for a user that has been on in the past 24 to 48 hours.  

Natasha Grey

Natasha Grey is a former pornstar turned porn blogger. Natasha covers all aspects of the adult industry. Whether it's the top pornstars, social media platforms, cams, and all things revolving porn, Natasha goes DEEP into the subjects and covers all the details. Porn Inquirer is the #1 reviewer of Internet porn. I like to go DEEP... into the porn world.

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