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The Top 18 Hottest Asian Pornstars in Porn of 2022!

It’s high time we pay homage to the busty Asian beauty—one of the most sought-after adult performers that men have lusted over time and time again. If you’re a fan of dusky or porcelain-skinned stunners, you’re sure to get them here as we give you the top 18 hottest Asian pornstars in porn of 2022!

Today is your lucky day because we’ll be listing down the hottest, sexiest, and best among the best—yes, you heard it! Lay down the superlatives because these women deserve every single one of them! If it’s hot Asian girls that make you rock hard and cum like a waterfall, well, gentlemen, prepare to have your bottles of lube and tissues ready because this is going to be one hell of a list!

It is our pride to present you with our top picks! Continue reading below to find out who made the list!

The Top 18 Hottest Asian Pornstars in Porn of 2022 – How We Judge

So before we were able to come up with our list of Top 18 Hottest Asian Pornstars in Porn of 2022, what are the actual criteria? How were we able to ascertain who makes into the list and deemed cream of the crop? Well, for starters, let’s address the obvious here. All girls MUST first be Asian or have Asian roots—otherwise, they’ll automatically be denied from the list (if you want to see overall stars, check out our hottest pornstar post). They can be international stars from their country of origin or have started their career here in the US (an added factor that makes it easier for us to build this top 18 list).

Next, these adult performers must have appeared on the best porn sites, top VR porn sites and have exhibited the finest qualities that define a female pornstar: a nice pair of tits, a nice bubbly butt, a hot-spanking body, and of course, moves that will make any man cum harder than ever before.

Lastly, they must have the “it” factor, the very thing that lets them stand out from the rest. Once you see our list, you’ll definitely find out what we mean.

Are you guys ready? Let’s start the countdown!

18. Ember Snow

This petite beauty may appear tiny due to her 5-foot frame but don’t let her physique fool you. This little mama has a wild appetite for dick and would light up every time there’s a huge throbbing cock in front of her.  Ember Snow owes her insane body to hours spent in the pilates studio which also helps her maintain great form and composure when guys fuck her in the wildest positions. While a rookie in the porn scene, Ember has a promising career in store for her—we’re pretty sure of it!

17. Ayumi Anime

Can anyone get more kawaii than this? This 5’7-charmer has everything that it takes to make for a great Asian performer. She’s fun-loving, always cheerful and her naivete demeanor is a hit for guys who pine for a cute vulnerable slut. Apart from her perfectly-sized melons, sun-kissed complexion, and chiseled body, Ayumi Anime won men’s hearts with her charm. Born in Ukraine, this Asian beauty has so much to offer. Catch her and her 90 porn scenes online!

16. Jade Kush

This Chinese spring flower is definitely what dreams are made of. For us, Jade embodies what true Asian beauty is. Her every curve, ample bosom, and amazing pussy is just one of her most prized features. But what makes us love Jade Kush, even more, is how she handles ass and pussy pounding like a pro! Those brown eyes won’t lie and would hypnotize you in every scene that she has done—142 to be exact!

15. Mi Ha Doan

Mi is constantly seeking the next orgasm and has devoted her life to cum, whether she’s banging the pizza man in real life or getting gangbanged by a slew of BBCs. You’ll understand why this little porcelain doll is so well-known back home after you’ve seen her in action. Mi Ha Doan is one of the newest Asian pornstars, with an enviable rack and some of the prettiest tiny pink nipples that you’d just want to suck and lick around, and a gorgeous peachy butt that is almost a masterpiece!

14. Marina Maya

Let’s keep this list getting spicy with a multicultural beauty that will drive your world crazy! Marina Maya unique mixed background lends part of her trademark style to this bisexual vixen, giving her the beautifully thick, and juicy ass that all of her admirers know and love. You may call her a cock tease all you want, but if you had long, thin legs, delectable tits, and a beautiful bottom so toned you could bounce pennies (see what we did there?) off it, you’d do the same. This ravishing vision is one of the latest Asian pornstars, with her gorgeous eyes and firm, well-shaped boobs.

13. Kendra Spade

A New Orleans native that started her career in porn at the tender age of 19, Kendra Spade has everything in her cards to bring you a royal flush. Please, no making love to this luscious lady, just hard ass and pussy pounding all night long. When asked what her secret was to having a luscious round ass on a slim, trim figure, she said that doing pilates is her second-favorite exercise of all time as it keeps her mind clear and her tummy flat. This fiery fox is one of the latest Asian pornstars because of her no-nonsense attitude to fucking.

12. Alex De La Flor

Spreading her amazing legs to show you the pinkest clit there is, meet Alex de la Flor. Little Miss Alex may be petite, standing at a small 5’2 frame, but she’s packing a lot inside that you’ll never know what hit you. We know it’s hard to believe, but this seductive little beauty wasn’t always that feminine. Watching this gorgeous woman give a sloppy wet head to some of the world’s thickest cocks is enough to convert even the most jaded of smut fans into an Alex aficionado.

11. Tiffany Rain

A True-blue Jersey girl, Tiffany Rain is determined to make it rain and shower you with unsurmountable pleasure! Somewhat a veteran starting her career in porn in 2004, Tiffany has brought nothing but happy endings, spanning 23 scenes all in all. With a rocking body while in her mid-30s, this sex goddess continues to make many guys (and girls) happy.

10. Keilani Kita

This svelte princess is a sex junkie who enjoys just about anything: whether it’s anal or fetish scenes, she’s your girl. Keilani Kita has put in a lot of effort to get her stunning figure, and she’s been willing to show off her flat tummy and toned thighs to the world. Her ability to tease herself and other beauties is obvious, but it’s seeing her in action in an explicit scenario that earns her a spot on the list of our hottest Asian pornstars to date.

9. Mila Fox

This elusive wild fox may escape your advances, but her raw sexual energy is enough to tame your cock. Nothing can keep this sex vixen from having her share of cock. Mila Fox swings both ways and enjoys riding cock on video for her adoring fans nearly as much as she enjoys riding cock on camera for her adoring followers. She has won the hearts of many, particularly when she grins up at us and fondles her big, round perky tits.

8. Eva Yi

The 90-pound Aquarian may seem like she’s all that innocent, but hiding beneath that meek demeanor is a succubus that’s ready to devour thick man meat any time soon. You’ll become a fan just by seeing her deepthroat a firm cock, and witnessing her being fucked will clinch the deal. Eva Yi has lovely tiny perky boobs and a lovely round bottom, so if you prefer the type of woman you can pick up and play with your cock all night—she’s the ultimate princess for you.

7. Avery Black

While starting quite late in the game, this Asian goddess has captured the hearts of many guys in all of the 29 scenes she has done in total. Avery Black thin figure is golden and toned, the consequence of a lifetime spent relaxing on the beach. Her beautiful fresh face looks perfect just out of bed and doesn’t need any makeup, which automatically makes her one of the prettiest teenagers to visit smutville in a long time. This hottie enjoys doggy style, tit play, and mild spanking and will keep your steel-hard for hours and hours—ready for her?

6. Honey Moon

Her name suggests what you’ll get in every scene you’ll see her in. In fact, Honey Moon has created 16 scenes in total and has given honeymoon dreams to every man who watches her performances. This crazy cougar enjoys nothing more than being dubbed one of the new Asian pornstars, thanks to her tight and tanned body that demands to be shared. So, if you want to see one of Smut’s newest princesses, don’t forget to check out Honey Moon.

5. Kimberly Chi

Nominated as “Hottest Newcomer” at the 2017 AVN Awards, Kimberly Chi has nearly done it all. From lesbian porn, bisexual fantasies, orgies, and even threesomes, she knows how to push the right buttons. This adult film star, fetish performer, feature dancer, and cam girl has been in our minds (and lips) since 2015.

4. Nari Park

Nari Park is fond of testing herself to the limit. She is fond of bondage and electricity and has done a lot of wild scenes in the span of her colorful career. She has also shot some prolific fendom porn content and fetish videos, including BDSM scenes for Kink, to name a few.

3. Lexi Mansfield

Modeling since the age of 13, Lexie Mansfield has grown to be free-spirited and independent and has thoroughly explored her options before deciding to debut herself in porn in late 2017. This Taiwanese sweetheart can speak many languages, with one of them being the language of sex. She has roleplayed with notable performers such as Mick Blue and Ryan McLane among others.

2. Nyomi Star

A staunch advocate of fitness, this CrossFitter and Spartan racer has a tight and lithe body to show for. Her phenomenal physique has become her greatest asset apart from her many talents in the bedroom. Nyomi Star has had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Asian buxom like Ember Snow,  Marica Hase, and Tia Kai.

1. Rae Lil Black

Who needs a li’l black dress when you have a strong set of goods waiting to be exposed underneath? Rae Lil Black’s thick figure offers her a big edge when it comes to exciting sex warm-ups like juggfucking, ass clapping, and titty shaking, as this attractive porn actress is naturally curvaceous. After gaining confidence in her superior ability to swallow dicks, the raven-haired beauty set out to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a renowned smut superstar.

Who’s The Sexiest Asian Pornstar?

It’s a unanimous decision folk—the title goes to none other than Rae Lil Black! We’re pretty sure it’s a unanimous decision from all of us here. The title of the sexiest Asian pornstar goes to none other than Rae Lil Black! With a hot name such as that, we’re pretty sure you’d quickly have a look. For us, Rae ticks all the boxes and fits the title quite well. With nature blessing her with an irresistible body and stamina of a stallion, she’s sure enough to make any guy hard as steel and any girl wet as rain!

Who’s The Newest Asian pornstar?

Starting her career officially in 2019, Avery Black is a newcomer with a tush that can drive men wild. Avery is just one of those rare newbies that are naturally talented.Have you watched her use her sweet caboose to good use? If you haven’t, you should! You would see it jumping and bouncing for joy, making any man happy and content! Apart from that, her svelte figure and acrobatic skills in the bedroom add entertainment value to her videos and are a pure treat to watch.

Final Verdict

You absolutely won’t go wrong watching any of these hottest Asian pornstars in porn of 2022. They’re easy on the eyes and are guaranteed to make your cold, lonely nights extra hotter! So what are you waiting for? Check these Asian babes out and let the jerk fest begin! 

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